The Environmental Engineering and Dam Engineering Graduate Program (PEBGA) is offered by the University Campus of Tucuruí (CAMTUC), Federal University of Pará. Its objective is to train professionals to act in the implementation, in the development of dam safety and its respective environmental management independent of the support of the enterprise, considering both the structural aspects of operation, as well as the socioeconomic interactions and the physical and environmental elements involved in the process.

Approved by CAPES as a Professional Master on September 2, 2015, its main focus is to develop and qualify manpower, promoting technological improvement that, in turn, will contribute to the sustainable development of the Amazon region, enhancing research, innovation and the diffusion of knowledge in the field of action pertinent to Dam Engineering and Environmental Management.

Constituted by the Dam and Environment concentration area, the Program has two research lines, which are: Environmental Planning and Management and Dam Safety. The qualified professional will have the title: "Master in Dam Engineering and Environmental Management".

The third line of research of the program in Applied Computing is currently being implemented. That aims to use the then existing knowledge of Computing in favor of helping to solve relevant issues in the areas of Dam Safety and Environment.

The faculty is formed by a multidisciplinary team of 11 tenured Professors with backgrounds in different areas of engineering, basic and environmental sciences.