Electoral Rules of the PEBGA - 2018.pdf

Rules of the PEBGA approved in CONSEPE.pdf

Internal Regulation for Accreditation, Framework and Discrepancy of PEBGA Professors / Advisers

Resolution nº 3.870, of July 1, 2009. General Regiment Postgraduate Course Stricto Sensu, UFPA

Thesis Orientation Statement

Resolution nº001 / 2016

Establishes the standards for homologation of guidelines, dissertation projects and qualification exams under the PEBGA / UFPA.

Resolution No. 002/2016

Establishes the norms and deadlines for request and composition of defense stalls of Master's Dissertation within the scope of PEBGA / UFPA.

Resolution No. 003/2016

Establishes standards for proficiency in foreign languages within the framework of PEBGA / UFPA

Norms for Qualification and Defense of Dissertation_2017

Normative Instruction No. 02 of November 22, 2019.

Complements item VIII, article 44, of the PEBGA Regulations, which deals with the maximum period stipulated for completing the Course.